Caterpillar Cards

Christmas cards for schools - easy fundraising projects


Costs of Caterpillar Cards






How payment is made

When the cards are ordered, all cheques should be made payable to the School/Nursery or PTA. We invoice at the end of the project for the total numbers of packs supplied less the £1.00 per pack donation.

For example if 600 packs of cards have been ordered, we invoice for the total less the £600 donation which is retained by the School/Nursery/PTA.

Our invoice is sent out after all the cards have been delivered and the project successfully completed. We ask for payment within 14 days.

Example of fund-raising

Total number of pupils participating: 300; each pupil orders on average 2 packs of cards. Total donated to School/Nursery £600.

   No Upfront Costs

   No Minimum Order

   Free delivery


Please register early as we get fully booked for our Christmas card project. Please also let us know if you wish to cancel your participation so that we can allocate your place to another school. We will confirm dates with you when you register your participation.

All card used is from carefully managed forests. The paper is manufactured by mills that practice sustainable forest management and satisfy at least one of the international Forest Certification Standards

Caterpillar Cards

First pack of 12 cards

Additional packs of 12 cards




Cost to School/Nursery



Suggested price to parents